Rivedal Art gallery

Rivedal Galleri, Hyllset, 6982 Holmedal

Rivedal Galleri is a small art gallery located in Rivedal (see map) near Askvoll in the west Norwegian county of Sogn and Fjordane. The gallery features local artists, but also other Norwegian and international artists.  


The gallery is located in the two red buildings in the picture above and here you will find paintings, graphics, photography, wood carvings, jewellry, pottery and ceramics as well as some textiles.  See our video on YouTube.

Featured artists

Ludvig Eikaas - Bente Linn Bergene Huseby - Randi Antonsen - Mia Egge - Elsa Eikås - Aase Kvikne Bjordal - Bjørn Kaaks - Astrid Mykebust - Bjørn Hegranes - Knut Rumohr - Eva Langaas - Agnes Bjørbæk - Margret Igland - Thorstein Rittun - Arvid Eikevik - Johannes Winjum - Kristi Ylvisaker - Malvin Berqvam - Toralv Flatjord - Anne Karin Krogevoll - Inghild Sleire - Kari Astrup Geelmuyden (ceramics) - Ellen Beate Svindland (jewellry) - Helga Carlsen (hand knitted rugs) and Oddveig Lyngstad (owner)

About Rivedal

The valley of Rivedal is a small farming hamlet situated near Dalsfjorden, between Holmedal and Dale.  Rivedal is surrounded by stunning nature, with ample opportunities for fishing, mountain hikes or lighter walks in the ambling coastal landscape.


Rivedal is best known for being the place from which the first Norwegian Vikings left to settle on Iceland and a statue of Ingólfr Arnarson is situated at the foot of the valley.  An identical statue can also be found in Reikjavik, capital of Iceland.