Rivedal galleri
Hyllset | Dalsfjordvegen 2527 | 6982 Holmedal +47 9950 0883

Rivedal Art gallery

Rivedal Art gallery


Rivedal Galleri is a small art gallery located in Rivedal (see map) near Askvoll in the west Norwegian county of "Vestland". The gallery features local artists, but also other Norwegian and international artists.  

Here you will find paintings, graphics, photography, wood carvings, jewellry, pottery and ceramics as well as some textiles.  
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Coffee and refreshments served.

Featured artists


Oddveig Lyngstad - Iren Kleiven - Randi Antonsen - Kari Astrup Geelmuyden - Margrethe Barstad Goldberg - Sissel Hestad Vie - Kristin Schei - Leif Gunnarskog - Synnøve Dyvik Løksli.

We also sell art by:
Ludvig Eikaas, Bjørn Kaaks, Mia Egge, Elsa Eikaas, May Elin Eikaas Bjerck, Thoralf Flatjord, Malvin Berqvam, Johannes Winjum, Magne Vangsnes, Audun Helle, Astrid Myklebust, Bjørn Hegranes and others.

About Rivedal


The valley of Rivedal is a small farming hamlet situated near Dalsfjorden, between Holmedal and Dale.  Rivedal is surrounded by stunning nature, with ample opportunities for fishing, mountain hikes or lighter walks in the ambling coastal landscape.

Rivedal is best known for being the place from which the first Norwegian Vikings left to settle on Iceland and a statue of Ingólfr Arnarson is situated at the foot of the valley.  An identical statue can also be found in Reikjavik, capital of Iceland.

Summer 2021

Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 4pm, 
26th June - 15th August

Arrange visit

You can always arrange for a private viewing of the gallery outside normal opening hours. 
To arrange call +47 9950 0883.

If you are passing and we are at home just pop in and we will open the gallery.


We accept most debit and credit cards.  Additionally Vipps and payment in cash.